Drug Rehab Centers

Why is it so difficult to obtain a brief interview with a physician or counselor at drug rehab centers? I’ve called and emailed about a dozen places a few times for the past five days and still no luck. Typical responses include calling back at a later time or day and emailing a specific department or person. I even received a rude answer from a man at this particular center. He not only cut me off and told me to call back in the morning, but also ignored my question about the center’s closing time: “Just call back in the morning.” I had to explain that I had work during the day and really needed to know when it closed. It took all of that just to get him to tell me “6 o’clock”. I wonder if this is how they treat people who are calling to seek assistance as a patient. Need emotional or professional help? Don’t worry, we’re here for you…Just call back in the morning.

**EDIT: Here’s a picture of the first drug rehab center that accepted an interview – The Odyssey House Leadership Center.


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