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April 28, 2010

Finally, after much hard work, research and toil I managed to interview a clinical super and a deputy director/counselor of two drug rehabilitation centers. The two men were very friendly and I’m grateful I encountered sincerity because all the failed attempts at contacting someone from drug centers was discouraging.

The deputy director was in the middle of a group discussion about gangs with a room of what he called guys “from the hood” when I walked in. He was intimdating at first. This young man kept talking after repeated warnings to be quiet and the director shouted, “STOP TALKING, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.” The entire room went silent and the only thing that could be heard was the water in the fish tank. I sat extra still.

The clinical super was super busy. I also had to wait around twenty minutes for him to finish doing what he was doing. When I walked into his office, he had a plate of grape fruit on the table. I felt bad for intruding on his spare time. The mean, the man was eating grapefruit for lunch! But then a woman walked in with a plate of rice and spare ribs for him. I didn’t feel bad after that.

Here’s a picture of the two men’s business cards. The clinical super gave me a custom-made card with his personal penmanship! (He couldn’t find a regular card and I could tell he really wanted to eat those spare ribs.) 



Drug Rehab Centers

April 26, 2010

Why is it so difficult to obtain a brief interview with a physician or counselor at drug rehab centers? I’ve called and emailed about a dozen places a few times for the past five days and still no luck. Typical responses include calling back at a later time or day and emailing a specific department or person. I even received a rude answer from a man at this particular center. He not only cut me off and told me to call back in the morning, but also ignored my question about the center’s closing time: “Just call back in the morning.” I had to explain that I had work during the day and really needed to know when it closed. It took all of that just to get him to tell me “6 o’clock”. I wonder if this is how they treat people who are calling to seek assistance as a patient. Need emotional or professional help? Don’t worry, we’re here for you…Just call back in the morning.

**EDIT: Here’s a picture of the first drug rehab center that accepted an interview – The Odyssey House Leadership Center.