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Winter Weather Draws Mixed Views

March 9, 2010

A survey of a small, random sampling of people at Washington Square Park reflects mixed views on the cold weather and snowstorms last month, which left some praying for winter’s end and others enjoying it while it lasts.

 Four out of seven people surveyed express dislike for the winter weather either because of the idea of winter itself or the negative impacts placed on their lives while three people take pleasure in the snow despite minor hindrance to daily activities.

“I love the weather. I love snow,” says Kathryn Hart, a physician. “The more the merrier!”

Even though Hart had surgery on the day of a snowstorm, she brushes off the inconvenience of traveling and says, “It’s no big deal.”

New York City was hit with multiple snowstorms at the beginning of February. Thousands of schools were closed down and the MTA warned the public of train delays. The Associated Press states that more than 20 inches of snow hit the city in a month causing thousands of power outages.  

However, Andy Weber, a 20 year-old NYU student didn’t think much of the large volume of snow: “I think it was nice to see the park covered with snow.” Though he admits traveling anywhere in the city took longer than usual.

Others didn’t share Weber’s optimistic view. “It’s worsened my life by getting wet feet,” said Chris Columbus, a “37” year-old writer. “Until I got galoshes.”

Despite the varying views on the winter weather, all seven people who were surveyed said they plan to stay outdoors on that first warm, beautiful spring day.             

“I’ll probably take this little guy on a long walk,” Hart says referring to her white and furry coton de tulear dog named Q-Tip or “Q” for short. “We’ll stay out all day.”